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Kaplan's USMLE prep is created and taught by board-certified medical professionals
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If you are a doctor who qualified outside of the US, you must become ECFMG-certified in order to work and train in the US. You must pass the USMLE exam series in order to become certified and apply for Residency. High scores on the USMLE exams, particularly USMLE Step 1, are essential for those wishing to enter US Residency programs.

Kaplan offers a wide range of options to fit every budget and study style, so you get the prep you need for the residency you want.

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Dr. Adeleh, Matched in 2017
I should consider myself as one of the luckiest IMG applicants because not only did I match into Ophthalmology, which is my favorite specialty in medicine, but that I will also be going to UC Diego for my Ophthalmology residency.
Dr. Francisco, Matched in 2017
I matched in my top choice, which was San Francis Hospital in Evanston, IL. I can tell you that was the happiest day of my life, the greatest thing that has every happened. I was living my dream and this couldn't have happened without the help of Kaplan.

Dr. Karminder, Matched in 2017
I got matched into an Internal Medicine program in Mount Sinai, New York. I came to the United States and started preparing for the exam (USMLE) and I got very good scores and it is because of the resources I used. One of the most important resources was Kaplan.
Dr. Nyein, Matched in 2017
I got matched into Jamaica Hospital Center in Queens, New York. When I knew my match result, it was one of the happiest days in my life because I have been working so hard toward my goal of getting a residency here in the US.

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Take a look at our free USMLE resources page and access a free online practice test, practice questions and live online events focused on the USMLE exam series, as well as essential information about the Match and the residency application process.

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