GRE® Testimonials

Read what GRE students think about our GRE Online courses!

Students love GRE Self-Paced!

"Kaplan's courses and resources were fantastic. Yet, another quality that made this preparation a success was the wonderful customer service provided. Keep up the great work!!"

"The online course worked very well for me, and saved me a lot of money."

"My score improved by over 200 points! This course was a phenomenal resource. Not only did I perform much better on the GRE, but my general vocabulary & reading comprehension has improved."

"I was hesitant to take Kaplan, but really glad I did. I greatly improved my score, and it was absolutely worth it."

"The method used to take the exam was invaluable! I was able to get the grade I received because Kaplan taught me HOW to take the test and how to eliminate answers."

"My score went up by about 200 points and I don't think it would've gone up without Kaplan. Kaplan's online class, if you follow along with it and don't run out of time, completely prepares you for the test."


Students love GRE Live online!

"Amazing! Very supportive! Made me excited to go to class!"

"Great job! You were able to keep the class engaged despite the fact that it was an online class."

"Due to time zones, I had to take this class fairly late in the evening. He kept me engaged even at 12am."

"Excellent job! I really learned a lot at every class and had a little fun as well."

"I think you are really good and I have learned a lot! I am scoring in the 700-800 for math now!!"

"Amazing teacher! Made me feel like I could achieve my potential. Genuinely cared."

"This was the first online course I took but it functioned as well (if not better) than traditional classroom courses I've taken in the past."

"Did a very good job, was engaging with the class and answered questions promptly. Would recommend…for anyone taking GRE classes"

"Very enthusiastic and made the content interesting. I was expecting a dull online class but was pleasantly surprised with my enjoyable experience."