NEET-PG Do's & Don'ts

NEET-PG Do's & Don'ts

December 12, 2019 - Shubham Anand

As there is almost no time left until India’s most sought-after national level entrance examination, NEET-PG aspirants must familiarize themselves with last minute preparation tips before test day.

NEET-PG 2020
Exam Date and Mode
NBE will be conducting NEET-PG 2020 on January 5, 2020, in computer-based mode.
Language of Exam
The exam will be conducted in the English language.
Duration of Exam
You will be allotted a total of 3 hours 30 minutes to complete their examination.
Types of questions and total marks-
NEET-PG 2020 will consist of objective type questions and the maximum marks is 1200. Try sample questions
Total number of questions
According to the exam pattern of NEET-PG, there will be a total of 300 questions in the entrance examination which will be divided into three sections.

The following is a list of Do's and Don'ts for NEET-PG

The Do's for NEET-PG 2020
  • Do practice – Regular practice is key when it comes to scoring well on NEET-PG. It is essential to solve as many mock tests and sample papers as possible. You must understand that knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.
  • Do break the syllabus down - You can break-down the NEET-PG syllabus into smaller units and prepare each topic individually. This will lessen your burden to prepare the entire syllabus in one go.
  • Do make time for yourself – Along with NEET-PG preparation, you should also continue with your regular activities and hobbies to refresh your mind. This helps in increasing concentration and makes studying more interesting.
  • Do maintain discipline – "Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments".
  • Once the study plan is made, you will need to maintain discipline and implement it rigorously. Mere planning for NEET 2020 will not be enough if you don’t maintain discipline.
Before or on the day of the exam to prevent exam day hurdles:
  • It is advisable to visit the NEET-PG 2020 exam centre a day before the exam to be aware of the route and avoid any last-minute delays on test day. You must also reach the examination centre on time to complete the verification procedures.
  • The most important point is to follow all the instructions and NEET-PG 2020 exam day guidelines as mentioned to avoid any surprises.
During the examination
  • Do remain silent and focus on the questions asked as this helps with time management.
  • Do abide by the instructions of the invigilator regarding filling up of information and examination hour rules. If you have any doubts, get them cleared before attempting anything on your own.
  • Do read instructions and questions carefully before attempting to answer.
  • Do solve the questions that are easier to tackle first and then attempt the tougher ones.
The Don'ts for NEET-PG 2020
  • Don’t compare with others – It is important to be a part of a healthy discussion with competitors and friends, however, you should trust your own planning and preparation. Avoid comparing your preparation level with others, as this can break your confidence and may cause panic before the examination.
  • Don’t avoid sleep – It’s important to have at least 7 hours of sleep a day before the exam. Fewer hours of sleep can have a serious effect on your mental and physical health in the long run.
  • Don’t lose confidence – The scores of the mock tests are not always indicative of actual preparation at times. Don’t let this create panic or spurr negative thoughts.
Before or on the day of the exam
  • Don’t study afresh at the last minute as it builds up tension.
  • Don’t carry any kind of items which are not permitted or barred in the examination centre as it may prevent you from appearing for the examination.

Keep the above points in mind and ALL THE BEST on your exams!

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