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Our UCAT Live Online courses provide interactive classroom tuition in a digital classroom. This is the ideal option for students who want teacher guidance from the convenience of home.

The online class will offer the option for live video teaching via webcam, lesson slides, chat areas, and an onscreen whiteboard for the teacher to highlight important notes, just like a real classroom.

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Course Features

UCAT Live Online Course includes:

4 day Live Online course options

We offer 4-day course options, so that you can fit your study around other commitments. Our courses are held live online in our virtual classroom, where you can interact with your teacher as well as your fellow students. No additional software will be required.

UCAT Strategy eBook

The Kaplan UCAT Strategy Book will follow along with your lessons so you can make notes as you go along. It will take you through the different question types, strategies and tips for test day.

UCAT Lesson eBook

This workbook will provide extra guidance, practice and tips for each section of the test. Use the book to support your preparation and master taught methods and strategies.

Teacher Support until Your Test

You will have email access to our entire bench of UCAT teachers right up until your UCAT test date. They will be available to answer any academic questions that arise after the course has finished.

Online Study Centre:

Future Doctors Channel

Free recordings of extra section-specific UCAT sessions from a range of Kaplan experts, including practicing doctors and current medical students.

10 hours of recorded lesson videos

You will be provided with the recorded lesson videos of your course. These will help you to recap on anything you need to review, as you work through your practice materials.

6 Practice Tests

You will have access to 6 online practice tests that will increase your familiarity with UCAT exam questions and build your testing stamina. All our tests can be adapted to fit additional time required by students taking UCATSEN.

500 Mastery Questions

You will receive 500 mastery practice questions. These will help you practice each of the Kaplan methods in an un-timed format, helping you work on your general understanding of the material, before you work on your timed practice.

30 Section Focused Quizzes

Structure your practice with 30 quizzes: 6 quizzes for each assessed section of the UCAT with over 700 questions. You will be able to sharpen your skills on specific test sections in order to improve your overall score.

Personalised reports

Instantly track your progress on your practice tests and quizzes, view your average pace, performance by question type and access detailed explanations for every question. Your home screen will provide your test statistics for instant retrieval.

Access until test day

Make use of all the time you need to access your online resources, right up until the day of your test.


UCAT Question Bank:

Need more practice? Add the UCAT Question Bank

4500+ extra questions, comprised of:
4 full-length practice tests
Customisable quizzes + more




Is there a difference between a UCAT Classroom Course and a UCAT Live Online Course?

The obvious difference between the two courses is that if you opt for a Live Online course, you won't physically be joining your teacher in a classroom. However, the online classroom that you will join allows you to see your teacher through a webcam, chat with other students, watch as your teacher illustrates answers to questions, and ask any questions you might have. Everything else between the two courses is the same.

How does UCAT Live Online work?

Using Adobe Connect Software, our virtual classroom allows you to receive all the benefits of a live classroom course, but from home! 

You won't need to install any software. When you join the virtual classroom, your teacher will encourage you to run the audio wizard to ensure that everything is set up correctly. We'll send your course materials to you through the post, so the only thing required for the course is internet access, and a computer with speakers or a headset so that you can hear your teacher.

What will I see on my screen when I am in the virtual classroom?

The virtual classroom has a number of features, so the layout of the screen will change according to what the teacher is reviewing. Features include presentation slides (which correspond with your course materials), UCAT questions, a question-and-answer box, chat areas, online polls and an onscreen whiteboard which the instructor will write on just like in a “real” classroom.

What can I expect of the UCAT resources on the course?

You will receive an extensive range of preparation tools including an Online Study Centre (complete with 6 tests and 500+ quizzes) and a Strategy Book.

Please note that although these resources will have the name UKCAT on them, the UCAT tests exactly the same content as the UKCAT, and the practise resources will be the perfect fit for your UCAT preparation.

I have questions about the Live Online Course - who should I contact?

Please Contact Us or call us on (AUS) +61 1 800 320 827 - (NZ)+64 800 995 064

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UCAT Live Online Course Student

The content was highly accurate, and test-like, when looking at the UCAT material provided by the Consortium examination board.

UCAT Live Online Course Student

The live online course was highly comprehensive and targeted at supporting and ensuring individuals are comfortable with contents and questions. The live online tutor was also highly encouraging and qualified. The tutor was also vocal in ensuring that explanations were clear, and a great atmosphere was created which allowed students learn and ask questions, which were replied to straight away.